Christine Quinn Officially Enters NYC Mayor Race and Critics Are Waiting

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On Sunday, New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn publically revealed the past year’s worst kept secret by formally announcing her bid to be the Democrat candidate in the upcoming November 2013 NYC Mayoral Election. Foregoing the traditional stuffy press conference on the stairs of City Hall, Quinn took to social media to make her run official. She bilingually tweeted her intention to run for mayor along with a web link to a polished five-minute YouTube video reinforcing her middle class upbringing and bond to the city’s immigrant community through her Irish immigrant grandparents in both English and Spanish.

Quinn announced her mayoral run via Twitter in English and Spanish


She followed up the formal announcement by spending eight hours touring the five boroughs chatting up voters, asking what they needed from City Hall and doing whatever she could to charm enough of the 27 percent of undecided registered NYC Democrats to bump her current 37 percent support comfortably above the necessary 40 percent watermark to avoid a primary runoff, as per the latest Quinnipiac University Poll figures. This is a feat that Quinn slowly yet continually has been overcoming since her 26 percent level reported back in May 2012.

2013 NYC Democrat Mayoral Candidate Polling Trend | Infographics

As previously reported, not all New Yorkers as onboard with a Quinn mayorship. Donny Moss has organized the grassroots effort Defeat Christine Quinn to follow Quinn from event to event and protest her record on issues ranging from animal rights to housing to even challenge the first possible female and openly gay NYC mayor on her LGBT record.

Donny Moss protesting Quinn

Donny Moss and Defeat Christine Quinn protestors explaining their concerns with the NYC Council Speaker’s politics. Photo credit: Photos of Christine Quinn protests via hotopin cc

“Quinn has not only blocked every meaningful animal protection bill introduced at City Hall, but, in an attempt to discredit her critics, she has also fast-tracked faux reform bills that give the impression of helping animals,” claims Moss.  “According to the League of Humane Voters, ‘the biggest obstacle to more humane laws in NYC is the inexplicable opposition to animal welfare legislation by City Council Speaker Christine Quinn. Speaker Quinn has attacked virtually every effort in the Council to make life better for animals.’”

Moss believes that Quinn assumes that the LGBT community will simply vote for her out of loyalty to their community that she fails to safeguard their interests. He points to Quinn’s part in making protests of more than fifty people obtain a permit and that only one LGBT bill was introduced in the City Council since 2006.

Christine Quinn at a Gay Pride Parade

New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn hopes to be the first female and openly gay mayor of the Big Apple. Photo credit: Boss Tweed via photopin cc

“Also, instead of helping the dozens of middle-aged gay men in her district who were entrapped and falsely arrested for prostitution in the city’s effort to shut down porn shops, Christine Quinn attempted to silence them after she learned that they planned a high profile protest at Gracie Mansion, a move that would embarrass her politically,” charges Moss.  “When the arrests were taking place, Quinn calculated that it was more politically expedient to ignore the victims of these false arrests than to speak out against the NYPD’s vice squad.  She thinks she can take our community’s support for granted.”

NYPD Cruiser at Defeat Christine Quinn Protest

Some late 2000’s NYPD’s solicitation arrests of gay men and Christine Quinn’s response to some gay activists’ outcry have led to criticism. Photo credit: Photos of Christine Quinn protests via photopincc

The blogs Towlerroad and Edge both contradict Moss’s account with their reports on the case back in February 2009 report that Quinn was concerned and having talks with the NYPD Brass to make sure entrapment was not going one. Robert Pinter, one of the men arrested, told the Gay City News “’Christine Quinn’s leadership provided a forum for this rare admission [of errors] by the NYPD and the genesis for the positive changes that followed.’”

Quinn’s theme of helping the middle class that was paramount throughout Sunday and a cornerstone of her campaign is where Quinn is going to have to dig her heels in and do damage control.

“According to the Urban Justice Center, which is the human rights watchdog group in NYC, Christine Quinn receives the lowest score of all Manhattan Council Members on bills ‘protecting and advancing the basic human rights of New Yorkers,’” says Moss.

Quinn is also under threat to have her endorsement to be the first female mayor in New York City pulled by feminist activist fore-mother Gloria Steinem. Steinem said that if Quinn did not allow a vote in the City Council on sick-leave legislation that she would have not choice. Steinem says that the five paid sick days a year to ensure women can take care of their ill families helps them more than breaking the glass ceiling in Gracie Mansion.

Feminist Activist Gloria Steinem

Feminist Activist Gloria Steinem is threatening to pull her NYC mayoral endorsement for Christine Quinn if she doesn’t allow a vote on paid sick leave. photo credit: Fortune Live Media via photopin cc

Quinn is publicly against the legislation saying it would negatively affect small businesses. Business groups are stiffly opposed to the legislation and Quinn has been wooing them for their support.

Moss’s Defeat Christine Quinn campaign plans to step up their efforts. Their next protest is on Wednesday, March 13 at 5:45 P.M. in front of the Dream Downtown Hotel located at 355 West 16th St in Chelsea.

photo credit: Boss Tweed via photopin cc
photo credit: Photos of Christine Quinn protests via photopin cc
photo credit: Photos of Christine Quinn protests via photopin cc
photo credit: Fortune Live Media via photopin cc

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